Hog #5

 Part 1


Alright, I feel that this specific blog entry lacks a certain theme. Not that a blog needs a theme, it’s more for my own attempts at direction and to wage war on tangential time stealing.


I’ll start with the adventure most fresh in my mind. This last weekend, Fellow AIR, Camille Bonham and I visited Elsewhere.

Aptly hidden in the small antique district of old Greensboro, North Carolina lives a large quiet beast. Hiding amongst the vendors of furniture and wicker baskets almost exclusively populating this portion of Elm Street is Elsewhere.

Elsewhere has a wonderful origin story that I would suggest located here:




Self-described as a “Living Museum,”  Elsewhere is a large three-story building that houses artists for different lengths of time. Some stay for a week, others for three months, the artist’s projects must use objects from the museum’s collection. Nothing can e brought in, and nothing can be removed. Most installations done on the grounds are site specific and temporary.

Now, I mentioned “the collection” earlier. I have also used the term “museum”  and the term “residency.” You might be wondering what the contents of this museum might be and how this all works together.

So, what is in there?

STUFF. Miscellaneous. Artifacts. Mementos. Souvenirs. Raw materials.

Some might say minutia, junk, clutter, and garbage.

Others would say Golden Goldy Goodness.

There is not really one word that describes it all with one swoop. Without a word count for this blog exceeding the double triple digits, I could not describe the breadth and width of this collection. I will let this series of photographs taken on site be the cavalry for such an endeavor. Send in the cavalry! (please take specific time looking at The Alone Zone, that’s my favorite.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As you can ascertain from these images the objects in this space are not just heaped together. There are several organization methods at work here, most of them aesthetically pleasing and extremely esoteric. The only seemingly astute way to attempt recognition of a pattern in the fray is “time”. To understand it, you must spend time here.

And that’s what the artists do. They live and work in all three floors of the building. They create installation works, music, and products. Elsewhere participates in the Gallery Walk nights in Greensboro, and the artists not only interact with the collection, but with each other.

As Camille and myself entered the space for the first time, we were unintentionally greeted with a musically performance by an instrument called “Lady Harp.” The instrument was operated by a total of four people. Three were manipulating long amplified wires with dowel rods, while one (the inventor) mixed the sounds together live into a pleasing and ethereal drone to which I would love to eat breakfast.

Elsewhere is a one-of-a-kind place.

You should go there.


Part 2


I didn’t know how to produce a segway between Elsewhere and Cooper Holoweski, so please accept this apology in lieu of a clever transition.


My friend Cooper used to live down the road from me in Providence, RI. He also attended the Rhode Island School of Design for printmaking. He graduated the year that I arrived. He explained much of the interworkings of the graduate experience. He also threw great parties and sang the crap out of a Springsteen karaoke song.

He moved to New York  a little over a year ago and stumbled upon a job as Laurie Anderson’s studio manger.

(Quick Music/Art FYI moment….Laurie Anderson is an awesome performance artist and musician…and she is married to Lou Reed.)



Anyway, Copper is doing well. And I am glad. I like to chalk up and talk up all the accounts of people that I know in music and the arts that work hard and it pays off for them. (By “pay off” I don’t really mean money or dollars, but a little of that is nice) His success is happy propaganda and works as motivation for me


Any way, here is Cooper’s Website:



Also, here is  great recent interview with the man himself whilst he is  eating a snow cone:




Part 3


Speaking of happy propaganda, a good friend of mine, Gaberial Meldahl, just got some of my music used in a Korean fashion video. Firstly, I know slim to nil about fashion, (To any of you that have seen my daily wardrobe, this should be anything but surprising.) but my friend Gabe does. Also, he runs around in the fashion circles because his wife works for the Korean Victoria’s Secret. Anyway, here is the video. Many thanks, Gabe!



If you would like to hear more music by my super group of one, THIT, please visit:




There are lots of different types of projects on there, and you can listen to all of them for FREE!


Now zip, zip, zip… off again until we can’t stand the distance.


Hawaiian Pizza,

Mark Rice


P.S. Does anybody have any old bike tires or used fence posts?



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2 responses to “Hog #5

  1. Wow, Elsewhere looks cool! Did you make anything when you were there? Or just visiting?

  2. sara

    man I wish I had known ya’ll were going to Elsewhere! The fates seem to be conspiring to keep me from EVER making it up there. If ya’ll ever wanna go back, holla!

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