Oh Snap

In the fall of 2010, HUB-BUB launched a community photo project called Snapshot Spartanburg. 100 people paid a small entry fee and received a packet with instructions and a 27-exposure disposable camera. All of the packages were spoken for after SnapYap, the launch event where local professional photographers discussed their own work and gave tips on how to get the best results from a disposable film camera. In this digital age, the participants were excited to shoot film, and many of the younger participants were shooting with film for the very first time! These cameras leveled the playing field, so that experienced photographers and novices were all as likely to capture a great image.

Snapshot Spartanburg 2010

The photographers were encouraged to shoot only in Spartanburg County, and after three weeks of shooting, the cameras were turned in for processing, scanning and printing as 4x6s. The resulting 2,300 photos were displayed on the walls at The Showroom, HUB-BUB’s gallery and performance space, and were grouped in themes rather than by photographer, forming somewhat of a community photo quilt. A regional design professional served as judge and selected 10 finalists’ images to be enlarged and displayed with the other images, and the top three winners each received Holga cameras as prizes.

Snapshot Spartanburg 2010

The main event was the awards reception that drew hundreds of people and gained the attention of several media outlets. Snapshot Spartanburg was a successful project that fit right in with HUB-BUB’s mission to build community through dynamic arts and ideas. The project created excitement for photography and for the place that we live.

Snapshot Spartanburg 2010


Snapshot Spartanburg 2010

And we’re doing it again! This year’s SnapYap at 7pm in The Showroom on September 14th will feature photographers Michelle Mogavero, Kelly Marshall, Jamarcus Gaston and their tips for taking great photos, with emcee Carroll Foster. The 100 cameras will go quick (they nearly sold out the first night last year!), so we hope you can make it and be a part of this community project.

And the big reception will be October 22 from 7-9pm!


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