Do you dig HUB-BUB?

The writer of this blog post is Rebecca Ramos, Chair of the HubCulture Board, which directs HUB-BUB.

HUB-BUB is an interesting creature as non-profits go.  We are young, pliable, imaginative, creative. We are an organization that has more ideas – crazy, silly, super ideas – than many non-profits have in their organizational lifetime.

To keep having these ideas, we had to add another type of adjective: money raising.

The Next Big Thing will be fabulous and fun and will highlight the best talent in the Upstate, but it was organized and is being put on, first and foremost, to raise money to support HUB-BUB’s general operating budget. We may be a bunch of artists used to starving, but the landlord, the utility company, the insurance company, the printers, the technology people – everything we use when we support and enrich our community with music shows, programs, community workshops, theatre – need to be paid.

Before the Board of Directors hired fabulous Celia Cooksey as our new Director, we created a strategic plan. Now we have a diverse fundraising plan and a full-functioning fundraising committee.  We are organized and ready. This year and next (and as long as HUB-BUB is in existence), we will continue to implement and improve on this plan.

An important part of this plan, besides the events like The Next Big Thing and the grant writing and the incredible donors that underwrite the Artists-in-Residence, is the people of Spartanburg. There are those who dig our programming.  There are those who dig what we are doing for downtown. There are those who dig having a place for young people. And there are those who dig supporting a community that supports the creative class.

I don’t know what you dig, but I do know these next two years will be the years that determine the fate of HUB-BUB and of what kind of organization it will be.  So, I am asking you as someone who is reading this blog, who cares about HUB-BUB, who loves HUB-BUB, buy tickets, show-up, buy votes at The Next Big Thing. Help us raise a whole bunch of money. And then volunteer, become a donor, an advocate, underwrite a show, send a check. Yes. I am asking you, yes, you, to make HUB-BUB a part of your giving, and if you have never given before, begin with us. Now.

There is one thing I am absolutely certain about. HUB-BUB makes Spartanburg a better place, a more interesting, exciting, cool place.  And I for one don’t want to live in a community without it.



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