a collection of collections

I have this key collection. I think it’s pretty neat. Every once in a while a friend locks herself out of her apartment or my mom gets an antique cupboard and they’ll try out all my keys and usually find one that works.

 I think these are about 250 years old.

 My tiniest key.

  These are clock keys, for winding up clocks.

  I have an awful lot of keys, so here’s a small selection of the more interesting ones. The oldest one of these is probably from the early 19th century. One is solid brass, probably from 1900ish, and a few of them are hollow and make excellent whistles.

I also collect stuff other artists made:

And toy cars:



If you have any keys or toy cars I’ll trade you something for them!



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2 responses to “a collection of collections

  1. These keys are wonderful! I love the cars, too. Do you have them on display or do you keep them in a box?

  2. Cheryl!

    Ooh, you would have liked the toy car collection of the 2-year-old I played with last weekend! Did you try your key collection way back when ‘Lil Dad locked himself out of his apartment?

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