Almost 30!

This guest post is written by Catherine Baehr, organizer of HUB-BUB’s first annual major fundraiser, The Next Big Thing 2011.

Almost 30!  No, not what I say when you ask my age (you’d have to add ten and take away the exclamation point) but rather the answer used to describe how many applicants that had entered HUB-BUB’s ultimate talent search as the cyber door closed to any more online applications by the set deadline of Friday at 5.

Not bad, considering a few logistical snafus (not worth mentioning) that kept us at bay to do a full on marketing push and much earlier one for that matter.  And so with the cyber door closed to any more online entry action…it’s on to phase 2: Auditions!

Exciting, but this could be the hardest part in selecting the finalists, as only 8–that’s less than one-third of the adorable lot will make the final cut and be invited to compete on September 24th in the ultimate talent showcase showdown at The Showroom, where then and there only one act will win the grand prize and event title, THE NEXT BIG THING!

Part of the difficulty thus far is that I’ve read all of their applications, and everyone sounds so good on paper and most all read like winners. So naturally I want them all to win. Good thing there will be a solid unbiased panel screening the auditions–no need to worry about my ability as a judge, I’m on logistics. Reckon, too, I’m just being foolish, as I am sure the real talent will tell on stage.

But for now, how can you blame me when going through applications you get answers to the ‘why should your act win & be The NEXT BIG THING’  question such as  “3 girls + awesome music = winning. duh. On a more serious note, our music is unique, original and, well, memorable…. Over the last few months we’ve developed a following and are ready to take it to the next level:  The Next Big Thing.”

Or,  when answering  ‘describe your act,’ one wrote, “(We’re a) high energy country string bending and crowd rocking one heck of a good time band.”

Heck yeah!  I look forward to the occasion in every way. And as HUB-BUB’s first annual fundraiser, it could not be a more fitting event, given it’s all about facilitating a platform to expose fresh, emerging performance talent.

Stay tuned, as we will post the audition winners, those top eight finalists on September 2nd. Look for it on the website There you’ll see who they are and a brief description of each…and have the opportunity to place (& buy) your vote in the pre-sale of “People’s Choice” award, the 2nd category of winner.  Good luck to all who entered! I look forward to being WOW’ed.

But tickets to the big event are available NOW! Get yours here:



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