HOG #4!


Hog #4


I have compiled a litany of links for this blog.

Lets get into it!


I have been amazed recently by the music coming out of my home-away-from-home, Bloomington, Indiana. Wonderfully catchy music with some great videos made by a group of close friends called 19th State Productions.


Sleeping Bag



Mike Adams at his Honest Weight



I collaborated with William Winchestor Claytor from 19th State in 2009 to make this movie about stilt-walking.



Part 1


Part 2




Voyage Corps Gifts (a division of Goatmother Industrial) was recently accepted into an exhibition called C.A.R.T. at the Current Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. The gallery was transformed into mini-mart. The show is up now. It goes down in the middle of October 2011.

Read more about it here:

C.A.R.T. reviews





Camille Bonham and I finished our animation class at the Boys and Girls Club in Gaffney, SC.

Here is a link to a description of the project and the movie that the children made.



This summer I am creating a series of leisure sports entitled

“Spray the Hooray Non-Athletic Games.”

Each “sport” will be physically created and then featured in a commercial.

I recently finished the first commercial for a product called Goat Sticks.


While combing through slides for my Art Talk, I found this old charcoal drawing from 2002.

I was amazed at the similarity between it and a scene from this commercial.

It made me think about all the revisited themes and recycled imagery that I keep returning to in my work without even realizing it.

Here’s a link to that drawing.



I love doing mail trades.

Creating an object and passing it back and forth through the mail until a final product is realized.

I have done many with my good friend, Lou Joseph in Baltimore.

This is probably our fourth  project together in about 4 years.

It takes the form of a big, neon green, hand-bound book. And this think is heavy! ($$$$ to mail)

Anyway, I like to document the different stages.

We have passed this back and forth a couple of times already.

The Big Green Book (w/ Lou Joseph)



I’m back in the pet portraiture business.

If you would like to chronicle the life of your scruffy sidekick (all species and genuses welcome), please contact me at goatmother@gmail.com

My most recent commission was an adventurous shih-tzu named Lightning Bolt.



Nighty night!

I gotta get to the Hub City Book Store’s One Year Anniversary Party lickity-split!

See you there.



Mark Rice

Team Leader of Goatmother Industrial


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