“It Happens”

This guest post is the next in the TEDx series by Bethany Morton-Rhye.

I really wanted to put an “sh” in front of the “it” in the title, but I realized that this would make the title inherently negative.  Negative happens.  Positive happens.  Neutral is in the middle.  Sitting in neutral is a great space for reflection, observation, and redirection.  From neutral, we shift into gear.  Neutral is the space for ideas to develop.  Shifting into gear and pushing the gas pedal is the energy we use to bring the ideas to fruition.  There are many paths and many labels.  As I learned in some writing class at some point, the last sentence of the opening paragraph should contain the thesis statement.  I don’t know why.

Seeking the answer “why” to “what” is human, pure and, many times, unanswerable, invisible.  We rack our brains, take classes, read books, philosophize, study, ponder, and meditate in order to find the answer.

Perhaps the answer is invisible… enjoy “John Lloyd Inventories the Invisible” from TEDGobal, July, 2009.

My question after listening is “why do we ask ‘why’”?  We are far less likely to ask “why” when something positive happens, but when something negative slaps us upside the head, then “why?” is often the immediate question.  “Shit happens” is a simple, yet profound way to simply express “I don’t know.” This is a raw, uncomfortable, beautiful, and honest answer.

When we seek answers to the eternal “why,” we can turn to a myriad of resources be they physical, philosophical, religious, or practical.   Ways to depict the positive and negative ends of the spectrum are: “love-hate,” “black-white,” “yin-yang,” “left-right,” “half empty-half full,” “feast-famine,” “all-nothing,” “mercury retrograde-mercury direct,” “on-off.”  In the middle is neutral.  This is a good place to revisit and explore.

Take some time to sit in neutral.  When ready, push in the clutch, tap on the gas, shift gears, and positively go.

Why?  WHY NOT!!!!!

–Bethany Morton-Rhye


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  1. LOVE this… and what perfect timing, heading to grab some NEUTRAL time at the beach this week! Will definately focus on neutral. Thanks for sharing this!

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