Coolest Internship Ever

Hello, I’m Amanda Whisenant, the intern who has been hanging around HUB-BUB all summer long.  Sadly I’m writing this blog on my last day as the HUB-BUB intern, so this is my loud noise before I go.

My journey to the HUB-BUB internship began spring semester.  I began applying everywhere and anywhere for an internship (and I mean ANYWHERE) so that I wouldn’t be stuck on the bottom rung of the catering business all summer long.  Thankfully I remembered HUB-BUB as a place I went to in high school for such events as Green Screen, the Trashion Show, and of course my senior prom (go griffins!).  So I emailed Celia about an internship and was relieved to find out that she remembered me from the Day School and was willing to give me an internship.  This was a great relief to me because I had just found out that my apartment complex didn’t like to tell me if I had a package or oversized mail so I was afraid that any response to my applications was ignored and completely freaking.  Also it meant that I would be living at home this summer and wouldn’t have to pay rent on another apartment.  Getting credit for the internship was a relatively painless process.  I expected more paper work from an intensely bureaucratic school such as USC (the real USC, not Southern Cal.) and was also relieved when my advisor informed me of a loophole that would keep me from paying for credit for the internship during the summer and just count it as a class for the next semester.  The only thing I had to do was to keep either a journal or a blog (click here!) and detail my experiences and skills learned.

So in May I began my internship from 10am to 5pm every day, except for Mondays and Thursdays which I took half days to study for the GRE.  I was really thankful for the relaxed, inviting atmosphere because it takes a little bit for me to warm up to new people and situations (a flaw I have yet to overcome) and even though I wasn’t paid, I still felt an obligation to work for the organization that so warmly accepted me.

One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had with this internship is interviewing what I like to call “Spartanburg’s Art World”.  Celia generously contacted people who she thought would be beneficial for me to interview about the art business to help me decide what I plan on doing with an Art History degree.  I learned much about the art world in general that I never knew before, such as how much of a business it is rather than something a little more innocent.  I also learned that what you study might not be what you end up doing.  Epsie Coleman for example, has a degree in Art History but is now working in development and loves it.

At HUB-BUB events I learned what goes into making a non-profit function, which is basically the staff.  At such a small non-profit as HUB-BUB the tiny staff is in charge of everything.  Thankfully with the Artists in Residence, the work load lifts a little bit but the staff is completely in charge of putting the event together to begin with.  I was surprised at how quickly events would come together seamlessly, and even if there were small glitches, no one seemed to notice.  There was no outside hiring for most of the events and all the planning, marketing, catering, everything was done by the staff.

So in conclusion I completely enjoyed my experience at HUB-BUB and will deeply miss everyone I worked with and met while I was here.  This was a fantastic first internship for me and I will never forget it.


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  1. Thank you for all of your hard work this summer, Amanda! We’ll miss you!

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