“Don’t be afraid of the storm…dance in the rain”

In anticipation of the first ever TEDxSpartanburg at The Showroom on September 10, 2011 (more about the event here), you can expect a new TEDx-inspired blog post every Thursday by TEDxSpartanburg enthusiast Bethany Morton-Rhye. Because we at HUB-BUB are excited about this event and what it means for our community, and we hope you will be, too.

Bethany Morton-Rhye

Bethany and her husband, Brad Morton-Rhye, live in Spartanburg, SC with their 3 dog-children: Albert, Sarah and Samantha. Getting people moving is her passion. Her “real job” is teaching “Body Training Systems” group fitness classes at the Spartanburg Athletic Club and training future group fitness instructors as a member of the Body Training Systems National Trainer Team. When she is not “at work,” you will find her “on ice” pursuing her passion for competitive figure skating.

I must begin with this quote as a title. It is not my idea, it is shared. Everything, positive or negative, begins with and idea. “Together: Creating a New Vision” to create positive change in the world is TEDxSpartanburg’s theme for this year. The TEDx them is “Ideas Worth Spreading.”  “Building Community Through Dynamic Art and Ideas” is the mission of HUB-BUB and the Hub City Writers Project. “Contributing Positive Energy to the World” is the mission of Bethany Morton-Rhye. These three entities are now merging. Result: this Blog.

Through the magical workings of Facebook, I happened upon the opportunity to write this Blog for TEDxSpartanburg and HUB-BUB.  For some unknown reason, I grabbed the opportunity. Writing has never been “my thing.” I never considered myself “a writer;” in fact, I labeled myself a “bad writer” years ago. I graduated from Spartanburg High School in 1989 and Wofford College in 1993 with a degree in German Language and Art History. Obviously, I had to write, but I always dreaded it because I told myself that I was not a good writer. This was my “idea,” a negative one, and I’m changing the conversation, creating a new vision. I am a writer. If I can contribute positive energy to the world through writing, then I’m in, full on.

TED, TEDx and TEDxSpartanburg are new to me. A personal conversation with a dear friend connected me to TEDxSpartanburg. Reading the hard copy describing the mission of TEDxSpartanburg and watching the online video from TEDx Talks created a storm in my brain, and I am ready to dance in the rain. I am inspired. I hope to share and explore different ideas to help create positive change in the Spartanburg community and beyond.

“Building Community Through Dynamic Art and Ideas” is the mission of HUB-BUB and the Hub City Writers Project.  “Dynamic,” “Art,” “Ideas”: I intend to explore these three concepts in future blogs. For now, I am just exploring their fundamental meanings.

Dynamic:  The word is a juicy one. Dictionary Definition: “Constant change, activity, or progress,” “Positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas,” “Stimulating development or progress,” “Of or relating to forces producing motion,” “Expressing an action, activity, event, or process.”

Art: The word is epic. Dictionary Definition:The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Ideas: The word is neutral. Dictionary Definition: “A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action,” “A concept or mental impression,” “An opinion or belief,” “A feeling that something is probable or possible,” “The aim or purpose.”

Possibilities to explore and discuss these concepts are endless. So, welcome to this forum. I am Bethany Morton-Rhye: thinker, mover, chronic optimist, wife, daughter, friend, ice skater, dog-mom, dancer, lover of life…… writer.

–Bethany Morton-Rhye


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