Entry Show Preview: Mark Rice

Mark Rice

So I’m looking around Mark’s website, goatmother.com, and I’m realizing that there are a lot animals involved. There’s the name “goatmother,” of course, but then I see a cat on a boat and a red lion and all kinds of animals. And then there’s a theme of danger, or rescue, as in As I Fell Asleep and Burning and Kamakazee Waiting Room. And I’m thinking about Steve’s work and Camille’s work and Eric’s work and looking out at the in-progress Entry Show going up, and I’m thinking they’ve got connections, these four. Did we plan that when we were picking them as a class? Surely not in this way. But, let’s just say it’s created an amazing dynamic between them as artists and for the show.

But Mark himself, I’m noticing, does everything. The website doesn’t really say this, but you’ve likely learned from his two posts so far on the blog that he’s a musician. He’s toured with a band. His face was on a billboard in Serbia. There’s a drum set and instruments in his apartment; I’ve heard him practicing from the HUB-BUB office below.

We have a copy of Mark’s thesis in the office (it’s in the show, too). It’s a book of prints and drawings, with blue drawings of box fans in movement on the cover. Mark created an author/artist for this book, created a language–Rungish–, and created a story and a translation of Rungish. But perhaps “created” is the wrong way to say it. Because, just now, I went out and looked at his work in the gallery, and it seems more than “created.” And I don’t want do do a disservice to his project, his process. So I’m going to leave it at that: there’s a story to Mark’s work.

There’s a story that I want to discover. As one who knows the language of writing and not so much the language of art, I’m fascinated by this story and the intersection and collaboration of art and words. And, really, this collaboration is all over The Showroom right now. There are poems and posters and prints and videos. There’s communication.

When you walk in The Showroom doors tonight for the Entry Show, look in every direction. This show requires you to be still and participate and observe and laugh and think and communicate. Be present, meet the AiRs, ask them about their work. And someone please get Mark to explain where “goatmother” came from.


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