Hello, you wonderful Spartanburg animals! And hello also to all friends, enemies, frenemies, beasts and creatures beyond the Burg’s borders.

What a welcome! I’m wildly pleased and amazed to have landed in this community of people who make stuff, people who care about stuff other people make,  karaoke singers,  animators, pimento cheese eaters, cyclists,  musicians,  writers, kubb-spiel players, astrologers and riverswimmers extraordinaire!  I’ve been wide-eyed for my first two weeks of AiRdom, and I hope to soon get the opportunity to widen some eyes in return.

Last week Mark and I ran a stop-motion workshop at the Boys and Girls Club in Gafney. Don’t know what stop-motion is? It’s when you take a series of pictures of inanimate objects and you move the  objects between pictures.  That way, when the images are shown one after another in quick succession, it looks like the objects are moving on their own. Think Gumby, Wallace and Gromit, or The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It’s also a medium that’s perfect for playful collaboration (with you)!

Here are some of my favorite stop-motion shorts:

Know anyone heartless? Cure them by making them watch this animation.  By Joseph Mann.

This is possibly the most epic stop-motion animation in existence, by the Argentinian animation collective the Can Can Club.

And this  great animation is by Iowa-based collective Tiny Circus and their collaborators.


Signing out.


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