The Most Important TV Show You Are Not Watching


So, I’ve been watching this show called Deadliest Warrior on Netflix. And, basically, it’s awesome. Like, seriously, if you haven’t seen it, stop reading this and find a way to watch it immediately. The premise of the show is that Spike or FX or whatever network the show is on has assembled a team of experts—excuse me, “experts”—that include a biomedical consultant, a trauma doctor, and a computer “whiz”. Each week the experts invite two teams to come on the show and propose someone they believe to be the deadliest warrior of all time—this can be an individual like Jessie James or a whole group of people like the IRA—and through a series of experiments, they determine who would win in a hypothetical battle.


The experiments often involve someone bludgeoning a ballistics torso with a hammer or quartering a pig carcass with a katana. This is coupled with insightful commentary from the experts; “You just cut both of his arms off, literally” and “I didn’t know a head held that much blood”.


Like I said, awesome.


But really the best part about the show is how seriously everyone involved takes it, especially the teams that have come to defend their suggested warrior. They seem to take the whole thing personally, like they actually have something invested in a pirate being able to defeat a knight. Which, at first, I thought was pretty funny, but after watching a few episodes, I found that I was picking sides, getting a little pissed off if I thought the judging was unfair or the experiment flawed.


Regardless of your interest in (simulated) violence, this show answers some really important questions:


Could Jessie James actually out shoot Al Capone?


Would landing on a piece of sharpened bamboo covered in human feces kill someone?


I would tell you the answers, but you’re just going to have to watch for yourself. Until then, here’s a taste:



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