Luke Meagher: Why I Love HUB-BUB

Here’s another new regular for the HUB-BUB Blog: Why I Love HUB-BUB. Because HUB-BUB is about more than just us and our artists and our Showroom–it’s about our community and all of the people who shape our community.

Luke Meagher

Up first is Luke Meagher. Luke is a proud New Englander sometimes mistaken for a Canadian, he plays guitar and drums (not at the same time), and has a dog. His personal NSFW blog is Spoonful. He is also a librarian and archivist at a local liberal arts college.

A couple years back HUB-BUB came out with a glossy promotional flyer that featured, among others, my photo and a quote in which I stated “When I was considering whether or not to take a job offer in Spartanburg….the presence of Hub-Bub was a real factor.” That statement seems to me rather measured – though it’s possible that I slipped into  the bureaucrat-ese in which I am fluent (the ellipse seems proof) – because my recollection is that my expression of the sentiment was more direct: “I would not have moved to Spartanburg if HUB-BUB wasn’t here.” Maybe the negativity isn’t so good for advertising copy – let’s try “I moved to Spartanburg because HUB-BUB was here.” Booyah.

But it’s not just good advertising: it’s also true. (And I realize now that that’s not really a fair statement to Spartans – there are innumerable people here who make this city a great place.) But four years ago I had three days (largely on the job site for the interview) and the Internet to help me decide my path. From what I could tell from my research, HUB-BUB was where it was at. There were artists – bona fide, provocative artists with MFA’s – on the payroll and on a mission: living there and creating. There were people on the discussion boards doing things, making things happen, being funny, proposing new ideas, new events and new activities. In short, HUB-BUB was providing a niche that the citizens of Spartanburg were clamoring to populate. “There are people there that want to get weird,” I thought. ”There are people there that are thinking, making, being provocative, saying ‘Spartanburg is good, but we can make it great.’

“Punk rock,” I thought. Punk. Effing. Rock.

HUB-BUB embodied (and continues to embody) that privilege that is the polite defiance called free speech (ART!) that we are afforded in a democratic society. It is a place where you can say or expect to hear “I respectfully disagree with that supposition, for I am aware that….(et cetera)” or “Yea, your characterization of the current political/social/economic conditions are accurate, but just because it has been so does not mean it should (or shall) always be so.”

It is a place where ideas can be shared.

It is a place where you can get your mind blown, where your assumptions can be challenged, where you can be inspired.

And I know not everybody likes that. I understand. It’s scary. It can force you learn more about yourself, your surroundings, the things that sing to you inside but can’t spoken. I understand: it’s scary.

But c’mon, now: you know that beneath that fear of change is the excitement of opportunity, that buzz of knowledge you feel when you walk into a room that you’ll be (just a little) different when you walk out.

Anyway, that’s why I love HUB-BUB.

–Luke Meagher


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