First Hog!

Alright…so what should I call this for short? Lord knows, if I’m gonna be having this much fun and staying this busy, I’m going to need a quick and well-grippable handle. Hub-Bub Blogging? Hoggin’? Blubbin’? Hubblin’? There has been no shortage of activity here in the first week. Two sweaty and slow ten hour driving days and I was delivered into a realm of genuine plesantries and “cake-heavy” celebrations.

Day One: After a ten hour drive from Baltimore, I arrived at Hub-Bub to meet Cheryl Mirer, Hub-Bub AIR director, Camille Bonham (AIR), and Eric Kocher (WIR) in the parking lot. It sure is hot. I will have to pick a hair style that is less likely to frizz in the heat, such as a “Fop of Sheen” (see Wallstreet….something cemented to the ol’noggin) They showed me my huge apartment (c) and studio and made sure to gauge my expression….probably somewhere between polite fear, gentle nausea, interior agoraphobia, careening positivity, and unabashed “je ne sais quoi.” They are beautiful. Washing machine. There’s a little dispenser in the fridge that gives you filtered water. Dish Washer! My only experience with a dish washer is the one at my parent’s house that you must thoroughly lavage your dishes BEFORE you put them in the confounded machine! Though i find it amazing and appreciate this contraption’s presence (and presents) I doubt that it will be used in the next 11 months…unless I feel the need to sterilize one of my many helmets…(I never know, right?) Off we went to Venus Pie, where I was immediately introduced to 1,236 people. All incredibly excited and nice. Suds were imbibed. Za was devoured. To Delany’s for beer. I needed to sleep. I went back to the building and I feel asleep on a huge mattress (size indeterminable: out of my element) in my apartment. The sheets I have are too small, but after about a couple of minutes of working, I was able to make it fit. The bed resembled (and continues to this day to resemble) a big rounded bar of soap with fox ears at each corner.

Day Two: Up at 10 am. I brought EVERYTHING with me in a 6ft by 12 ft Uhaul trailer that I pulled with my 1999 dark blue Ford F150 (also fulled to the brim.) My wonderful fellow AIRs as well as Hub-Bub employees lent their collective strength for the job of moving and I am still eternally grateful, if not still feeling a bit guilty. That night was the Potluck dinner for all the returning AIRs of all the prior years.Once again, I was introduced to 2,356 nurturing people while devouring delicious food and multiple types of cake. (big ups to the bamboo grove at Duncan Estates, I want to exercise and write limericks inside of you..)

Day Three:

AIR Anniversary Show! with readings before!

alright…so much has happened that I will now switch to “bullet-form” to transcribe the last couple days.

-pond football wearing too much sun screen

-the discovery of an albino squirrel

-dank pretzel decisions at the mall

-excellent photographic evidence taken in a photo shoot by Ashely Griffin(we got her laughing so hard she was crying)

-many riveting games of Kubbspel (you will know what this is SOON!)

-so many cupcakes

-so many peaches

-half-cocked stop motion animation

For the follow examples I have actual photographic and  and videographic proof……

the mall…..pretzels…scratch and sniff t-shirts…..jamming in the JC Penny

A Hurricane Simulator machine….who knew?

A visit to the Boys and Girls Club of Gafney, SC where we got to see an impromptu STEP performance in the Photo Club…Special thanks to Jonas Criscoe and the staff at the Boys and Girls Club in Gafney. Fellow AIR, Camille Bonham, and myself will be teaching a stop motion animation workshop there next week.

And last but not least I have a video from the High School Open Mic of a mean cover of Tom Sawyer…this is REALLY awesome….

I have now officially been here a week and my mind is blown.

Engaging reset button……NOW!


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