2,714 miles later

Hello All! Ron Longsdorf here, former HUB-BUB AIR, writing from beyond ‘The Bub’ with an update. After packing up and leaving Spartanburg, I headed north to my parents house in Greensburg, PA for a about a week to try and get my life and things in order, but I was mainly gearing up for my next residency. During the month of June I have been spending my time at Stonehouse Residency in Miramonte, CA. And crazy as I am, I drove across the country!

The first leg of my trip, I drove from western Pennsylvania to Columbia, MO. A nice 744 miles after leaving in the morning I arrived in Columbia with a place to stay with Ian Shelly (former HUB AIR and my former neighbor for 11 months) and his fiancee Natalie. It was the first mini reunion of fellow AIRs after out departure. My second day was ambitious, driving nearly 1,000 miles to close to Albuquerque, NM. Day 3 was a bit easier driving to southern California, and staying at my uncles place in Adelanto, CA. My final day of driving was the shortest, only taking me about 5 hours to get north to central California in Miramonte. I made it to Stonehouse!

I’ve been located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range at a nice 3,600 ft above sea level. It has been a beautiful rural living experience with a short 30 min drive to the entrance of  Kings Canyon National Park! I am one of three artists in residence living in the wonderful Stonehouse, and we each have a studio in the converted chicken coops. I started working small on some drywall panel pieces, but of course began to get ambitious and made a new sculpture all well. It seems that my theme developing here has been mainly drywall and idea of small scale dwellings.

You can see I’ve been multi-tasking and working on wall panel pieces, sculpture, and mini houses! All of which are surrounded by my wonderful, wonderful tools!

Here’s a few shots of what I’ve been making:

I’ve been having a great experience, and trying to keep rocking the art making. But I will say that I do miss all of my great HUB-BUB folks, many friends, and good times made in Spartanburg. I simply wanted to let ya’ll know what I’ve been up to since my leaving a month ago, especially in light of the 5 year anniversary show and reunion happening this weekend! I hope you all have a blast, and I welcome the incoming class. I will see you all again in July when I return to finish an incomplete public project for your fair city!

-Ron Longsdorf, HUB AIR, Class of 2010-2011


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