Moved, Touched, and Inspired

Over the next month, we’ll be giving the blog stage to community members or organizations who worked with the 2010-11 AiRs to allow them to share the experience they had with our artists in the community.

The first to share is Mary Anne Wise, a teacher at the Montessori Academy in Spartanburg. AiR Kerri Ammirata worked with Mary Anne’s students Rachael, Erin, and Will throughout the school year.

Rachael and Erin in a yoga pose

What a great idea…combining exercise, art and meditation!  Last October, when I heard about the opportunity to take my Upper Elementary Montessori Academy students to experience all three on the Cottonwood Trail, I knew that it would be a great learning experience…and it was. Kerri came up with the idea to integrate a quiet early morning nature walk with painting nature, and she provided us with the inspiration, the art materials and the guidance.

We left our art work on the trail that day; however, we took away a deep appreciation for what Kerri had offered us. Our appreciation for Kerri continued throughout the school year as she often came to our classroom and taught us Art and Yoga. One of my special memories of Kerri is seeing her in her quirky new shoes called Yoga Toes. I am delighted to call her my friend and know that she will continue to motivate and inspire others wherever she is.

–Mary Anne Wise, Montessori teacher

Art work by Kerri and the students in their classroom

Here are some impressions from the students:

“My class had such a good time with Kerri walking through Hatcher Garden and going to the YMCA to play ping pong.” –Rachael

Rachael and Ellie the bird

“Kerri is very nice and happy, kind and fun.  She uses little shapes, big shapes, and lots of color in her art work.  She is a very good artist!” –Will

Will taking guitar lessons

“I loved making the dream catchers with you, Kerri.  Thanks for showing us how.” –Erin

Erin and Winslow the bird

Rachael and Erin in the garden

Erin eating a strawberry from the garden her class planted

Rachael watering the garden

Will the dreamcatcher Kerri helped them make



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2 responses to “Moved, Touched, and Inspired

  1. kerri

    I loved working with you guys!!!! =)

  2. ronhubbub

    Yea Kerri, way to rock it!

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