I love the mountains

For the second time this year, Kari and I have tried, unsuccessfully, to hike the Art Loeb trail in Pisgah National Forest.  Each time we have drove the full hour and a half and have been thwarted by the closing of the last 5 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  With no desire to walk 5 miles (back and forth) to get to the trailhead, we changed plans both times.  Last time we found our way, quite surprisingly, to the top of Mt. Pisgah.  On Saturday, we decided to do the Looking Glass Mountain hike.

Cheryl, the new A-i-R director, and Atticus, the best dog ever, were our fellow adventures and we embarked on the wonderful hike.  It was so exciting to get to know her more on our 13-hour adventure day.  Spartanburg is very lucky to have her here; she is bringing a wonderful perspective, attitude, and joy for life.  I am excited for the new A-i-R’s to have her as a friend and ambassador.

Now Looking Glass Mountain does not have a view at the summit.  You have to walk an extra 5 minutes to get to the cliff edge.  And it is a serious cliff edge.  Those of you who have seen me on a ladder will know I am very afraid of heights.  Well, after you hit the summit and walk the extra 5 minutes through thick brush, you come suddenly to a rockslide edge.  I freaked!  I guess I sometimes forget that I am afraid till I am confronted with a situation that demands courage.  I just imagine myself tripping and falling off.  Well, I sat up there, took some very uncomfortable pictures, cried a bit, and decided it was enough for me.  To my credit, it was an extremely windy day and I am a very clumsy person.

After the death view, we hiked back the 3.5 miles with the excitement of awesome BBQ at the bottom of the mountain.  Next door to Hawg Wild, is an incredible outfitter store called “The Hub.”  I mean, I did love that it was similarly named to HUB-BUB, but it also had a bar IN the store.   What a perfect idea!  Everyone needs a drink after a long day on the trail.

The only sad part of the whole day was looking at waterproof, tear proof trail maps of Pisgah and realizing I was running out of time to hike and see all the beautiful places the mountains have to offer.  I have a painting in the Exit Show called “I love the mountains” and it was never truer than on Saturday.



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2 responses to “I love the mountains

  1. We’ve talked about hiking so much over the last ten months, but it feels like we’ve barely been on any hikes! It’s sad how fast time went, but I’m so glad we’ll have a get-away hike next weekend. Yay for friends and mountains!

  2. sara

    Kerri I have done that exact same thing at Devil’s Courthouse before…you’re not the only one who loves hiking but is deathly afraid of heights! Glad ya’ll are getting to enjoy our regional scenery!

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