Ballet Collaboration

Exactly one week from today will be the culmination of months of meetings, planning, building, problem solving, choreographing, and practicing.  This year Ian Shelly and myself have been working with Carlos Agudelo, Artist Director of Ballet Spartanburg, for a collaborative dance performance. The live performance of our collaborative effort will take place Saturday, March 19th, 2011, at 8PM, at the David Reid Theater part of the Chapman, Cultural Center here in Spartanburg. See the flyer below for details.

I’d thought I’s share some of the progress with everyone as well, as a bit of a taste of what you’ll expect to see. Consider this a bit like a teaser trailer of images, giving you a hint but not giving away the full concept and way the performance will play out.

First there are wall structures, the dancers will interact with on stage. Here are a few photos from last weeks practice at the Cultural Center:

Second, there will be portions of stop motion video projected with the dance. Ian and I have been shooting a stop motion video in my apartment the past few weeks. Caution cone’s are our figures or workers building wall sections for the video. Here’s a shot of the mini set in my studio:

Here’s a still from a section of the video:

If you are curious to see more please check out the info about tickets on the Ballet Spartanburg website.



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