The worst blog yet

I haven’t written a blog in a while and sadly don’t have any witty stories or anecdotes, so I thought I’d write about what has been going on at the BUB lately.  This week has been a harsh reminder that my time left in Spartanburg is coming to an end.  … pause here for some sad faces… but this is the life of an artist and always what happens at the end of a residency.  What always punctuates the end of them all is the showing of what you did during your time.  And yes, our exit show goes up on Monday!  It has been glorious to be covered in paint the last couple weeks as I tried to finish paintings I started a couple months ago and tried to put in a bunch of new ones.  And as I look on to all the paintings I am going to show, I always have that punch of doubt.  Yes, I do have the huge ego that most artists do, but doubt sometimes wins, especially when a show is about to go up.  I don’t really care if people like or don’t like my work, it is more I want them to truly engage with the work.  “Authentically spiritual abstract art does not so much “communicate” as “induce an attitude of communion and contemplation.” writes Donald Kuspit in “Concerning the Spiritual in Contemporary Art.”  Hopefully, I will be able to stop some people and let my work slowly work on them.

I was also reminded of the upcoming end by having our first look at our applicants for next years AiR’s.  It was exciting to look at the possibilities of who will come and how they will affect the community.  Will it be a politically minded video artist? or a portrait photographer? Who knows!!!  It is exciting to be a part of the process though.  It is always interesting being on the “other” side.  I apply to so many things and wonder how they came to their decision, it is always helpful to see how much care and thought goes into it, but also how easily you can slip through the cracks.  Or at least I tell myself that when I get a rejection letter.

It seems like such a dismal end to a blog–i think my worst blog yet.




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2 responses to “The worst blog yet

  1. ronhubbub

    That is a nice Donald Kuspit quote. Much better than him talking about us being “post-post artists” making “post-art”, he’s love’s aesthetics over concept!

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