The last of the silos

Yesterday, February 24th, 2011 was when the final remains of the silos along Daniel Morgan Ave where taken down. This is one of those weird moments when a small part of your common everyday landscape changes forever.

Since coming to HUB-BUB there was still at least one cluster of grain silos left along Daniel Morgan. For me it became part of my landscape living across the street. It was an interesting structure, and interesting form, a great sculptural object even, plus a part of Spartanburg history and the “Grain District”.

As an artist, a maker of big weird objects, I felt like it belonged there. It was quite serendipitous to think of this amazing somewhat minimal architectural sculpture was just across the street from the artist gathering place of HUB-BUB. I even felt part ownership of it. I was just always there since I moved in. It made sense. It was part of my life, just as much as my apartment, furniture, refrigerator, etc.

So on Wednesday, afternoon, I decided to pay homage to the ever fleeting existence of this object by the best way I know how – create a scale version of is destruction and document it with the real thing. I found a perfect used cardboard tube in the trash, and cut it down to make a scale silo cluster. I tore parts away to similarly mimic the current progress of the real silos being torn down. Went up on the HUB-BUB roof, placed it along the roof ledge and took some glamor shots (photos). Here’s a few of the photos:

Although, sad to see it go, it was an interesting inspiration for impromptu art making. I’ve been thinking about ‘the everyday’ a lot recently, and this was my immediate response to the everyday  action taking place for a week across the street from me. Check out the article online, featuring some comments from our own Betsy Teter:



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  1. Please put something of this in the Exit Show …

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