The week of nostalgia

For the past week to week and a half I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic, for two reasons: sickness and applications. First I’ve been hit with a nasty cold/flu badness that won’t go away, but I’m on antibiotics now! Due to this sickness, I’ve been stuck mostly laying around with the laptop. My few options are watch a whole lot of internet TV and work on applications. Second, I’ve been actually getting applications out due to being stuck with little functionality, and plus most applications are online now via

Now I know what you’re thinking Spartanburg, it’s nothing personal, I’m not trying to leave you, but an artist has got to keep living and making. The time has come to apply to many more residencies and job opportunities.

Anyway, because these many residency applications I’ve had to type of proposals of intent of what I’d be doing at the residency. And all of a sudden my basic objective task of applications has turned into a deep investigation of the self and the big questions of “what am i going to do next?” and “what am I going to make if i go there?”

Since most of my work is autobiographical in nature, I often think about the past. I’ve been writing up proposals about developing an interactive installation dealing with memories, and the image making of photographs as memories as part of the sensory experience. It should have stopped there, but I kept going into my past. This is where weirdly enough the internet comes into play.

While I’ve been sick as I said, I’ve been watching a lot of internet TV. Well, I recently completed watching most of the TV series’s I had been watching I was looking for some new thinks. Or actually some nostalgic things. My essays of my memory interaction project blew ope the flood gates. I found a few cartoons of my youth on Hulu.

First, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventures, the cartoon! If you all remember in the late 80s two films Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey were made. Ah that takes me back to growing in the late 80s. They are quite absurd and almost some of the most awful things ever made. I mean the future of a time traveler’s civilization from the 27th century relies on the music of Bill and Ted’s awful band The Wyld Stallyons to survive. It’s so absurd. Yet it is satisfying in a way. It takes me to the time of when that was actually being produced. Perhaps it is similar to Corinne talking about the best failure of The Room.

If you are so inclined check out the 2 full seasons on Here’s the first episode: Bill and Ted travel to ancient china were of course the ethic stereotype is used and everyone speaks English. It seems like a bizarre way to get culture to Americans.

The second show I found on Hulu was Denver the Last Dinosaur! This show is so bizarre and awesome. It’s two seasons reigned from 1988-1990. I remember watching this show all the time on Saturday morning with my sister growing up. The basic premise, is four young teens discovered a dino egg at a construction site near by the Le Brea Tar pits in California. The egg hatches out comes a dinosaur, they name him Denver. He’s the last of his kind! And he must of survived due to being locked in suspended animation and preserved over time to go right back to development and hatching! Talk about some hardcore science theory in a kids show! But i can’t forget the best part, parts of Denver’s shell have time traveling vision powers, so the kids can get educated on the history of the dinosaur’s existence.

You can check out the pilot episode of Denver the Last Dinosaur here: In the first episode we’ve got some more weird ethnic stereotypes. Of course this is also the era of American culture attempting to show diversity. A strange music producer steals Denver for a live show. Then is worried that the kids will get him turned to the police and so he tries to the Denver to a science professor at a local University. And for some reason this science professor, is more of a mad scientist evil guy who want to use Denver for research. And or course the science lab looks more like a medieval dungeon. There is some bizarre negative overtone about the research one academic environment here. Perhaps the show’s creator was a paleontologist who left his university job because of evil politics. We learn lots of lesson’s and have a great time anyway. I plan on catching up on all episodes of Denver the Last Dinosaur if anyone wants to join!

There was something so bizarre about the era of late eighties into the early nineties. Such a bizarre interest in time travel with these shows and films like Back to the Future. Such a weird west coast surfer talk and bright pastel color culture. What was that about? Anyway this has been my week of nostalgia.



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