Second Annual Hub City Empty Bowls Project

This Thursday, at Indigo Hall, Spartanburg residents will take place in the Second annual Empty Bowls event hosted, organized and arranged by Hub-Bub.  There, one will witness the efforts of countless individuals participating in an international effort to end hunger.  As folks browse the vast selection of bowls to choose their very own custom made vessel, they will delight in the knowledge that the bowl they choose (or perhaps chooses them) was made in Spartanburg, South Carolina by neighbors, friends, children and parents.  There is no simpler way to say; Made in USA.


The Empty Bowls project is special in its adaptability to the communities and organizations all over the world sponsoring an event.  All the work was done by Spartanburg residents and all the money stays in Spartanburg for the sole benefit of Mobile Meals.  These modest and unique bowls were crafted by local elementary students as well as students from our numerous Colleges and Universities.  They were made in workshops and donated by members and staff of Spartanburg’s own charities and organizations.  After the making and before and after the glazing these bowls were fired by members of The Carolina Clay Artists, the West Main Artists Coop and the Spartanburg Art Museum.


In order to make enough bowls for this event, you need a lot of clay.  The clay we used was graciously donated by Spartanburg’s own, Clay King.  Next, numerous bowl making and glazing workshops took place over the last five months in every venue imaginable.  We made bowls at Hub-Bub and at local bars and restaurants.  We made bowls at Converse College and at the Chapman Cultural Center just to name a few.  We fired bowls at the Art Museum and at West Main Artist’s Coop in addition to whole bowl donations from local artists and crafts people.  Finally, we give to Spartanburg the very best of our communities efforts at stamping out hunger through clay.  What better way of maintaining an awareness of the world’s food needs than by coming together with good music, purchasing a bowl, eating soup from any number of Spartanburg’s generous restaurants and then taking it home to share in your families lives after leaving a donation to Mobile Meals.  Take it from a potter, a life in service of a family is all a ceramic bowl could want.

See you there Spartanburg!



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