“Out of the depths of imagination….Rise my miraculous Robots and Rockets!…for we have much to conquer.”

What a scene.  As if someone had taken a page of my sketchbook or a glimmer of my imagination and made a movie.  A room full of robots and rockets walking around bumping into one another as if controlled by some far off radio-control operators.  At any moment one could look around and see any of the following…cardboard clad children running towards aluminum tape and tubing securing the much needed final heat shield strip, feet wiggling from the bottom of a box after a collision with another, and numerous reenactments of the cardboard box / Tutu scene from Ace Ventura.

I proposed this project at a time when robots and rockets had very little to do with my own work besides the similar classification as child imagination staples.  Over the last few weeks, however, in preparing and planning this event, this kind of imagery permiated my own vision for what my works atmosphere could include.  Through the careful supervision of Page Davis, Celia Cooksey, and our intern Ellybeth Hanson and myself, we transformed the imaginations of eight South Carolina boys into fully materialized versions of robots and rockets.

Equipped with the latest in communication and navigation equipment, as well as cutting edge shield and weaponry, and state of the art aerospace flying attachments and upgrades, these young men departed the showroom with the knowledge of designing, building and repairing their very own costume / sculptures.  Among the activities undertaken on Saturdays workshop were many that would be done in any three-dimensional design class in America.  Sketching, measuring, problem solving and material choosing is step one in any serious art venture and these guys have now started that in elementary school.  Great job guys and thanks again to my wonderful helpers….stay tuned Spartanburg…I have seven months left here and I am sure we will be revisiting such a successful project again!



Filed under Artists-in-Residence, Ian Shelly (10-11)

4 responses to ““Out of the depths of imagination….Rise my miraculous Robots and Rockets!…for we have much to conquer.”

  1. awesome stuff, ian! i wanna make robots n rockets, too!!!

  2. sara

    wow, Ian, that looks AWESOME!!!!!!!

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