5 Days Left!

Some highlights so far:

Mary Anne’s Montessori class came out last Friday for meditation and painting.  Logan, Rachel, Will, and Erin were incredible!  Not only were they wonderful and creative artists, they meditated for 20 minutes!!  What a fun day.  We left them by the picnic tables, but sadly some have been taken over the last week.  =(

The Meditation Circle!  Margaret Green donated a beautiful meditation circle for her son up on the Highlands trail.  I love to go out there and sit because there is a beautiful view of the woods.  And last Saturday I had a huge group come out and share it with me! We painted for an hour and half straight and to our surprise not one person looked at their cell phones!!  It made some people late for meetings, but what a beautiful thing to have happen when out in nature.  To forget about your “to-do” list and just relax.

Ximena started a painting in hopes of getting some leaves to stick to the board and found that the more paint, the better!  She made a beautiful painting that a trail walker later in the week asked me who painted it because it was their favorite!

I have found a new and wonderful friend in Spartanburg —  Marcy!!  I didn’t know her before the trail started and lucked out to have her be so dedicated to the project.  She has come at least six times.  And this past Sunday, she made the most beautiful painting!  I’m so thankful to have found such a gem her on the trail.

And then the Hooligans came.  And when I say Hooligans, I mean Ian and Ron.  My fellow compadres and visual artists.  Corinne and I both have a meditation practice and have made Ron and Ian meditate with us on some occasions.  I believe they are kicking and screaming before it happens every time, but I think in the end they enjoy themselves.  Thankfully I had Sara there to help me control their craziness!

Here are some pictures of what has been happening and if you haven’t made it out yet, come out this weekend!!!  I meet at 9 AM at the Woodburn Parking Lot (corner of woodburn and fernwood) and then walk in and meditate, then make a painting.  I hope to see you!  It has been a wonderful journey so far.


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