Yes, I have seen 8 AM seven days in a row. Be impressed.

The 20 Days on the Trail Project has started and I am on my seventh day (which means you only have 13 more days to make it out!).  Everyday has been different – either by the weather, where I was on the trail, or the energy I had with the person I meditated with.  The one constant occurance is the beauty that is happening around me in nature.  It is just a perfect time to be outside and see fall literally turn in to fall.  This is my first fall down in the South and I am surprised by how chilly it is in the morning and how fat the squirrels are getting.

I have attached some photos of the paintings that have been done already.  If you can’t make it out on the weekdays because of work, come out on Saturday or Sunday—believe me you won’t be disappointed.  There is nothing like waking up and seeing the sun peak out over the trees.  And a big thanks to those that have come out already!!

I bought a pumpkin yesterday and I thought after the trail project is over, we’ll have a paint a pumpkin day!


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One response to “Yes, I have seen 8 AM seven days in a row. Be impressed.

  1. Kathy

    Looks like fun and inspiring; esp since it is the change of seasons 🙂
    Enjoy! I get the sense of peacefulness looking at these pictures >>>
    the paintings look great too >>>

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