I got my first flat tire yesterday… though I don’t own a car, don’t you worry, I can still break others.  I had drove out to the trail because I was being lazy and didn’t want to ride my bike out, and as I was driving home, the car felt weird.  I pulled over to find that the tire was definitely flat.  Since I was in Ian’s truck, I gave him a call because secretly I wanted him to come out and fix it, but I tried to pretend to be the tough “I can do it myself” girl I want to be and said, “So I got a flat in your truck, I see you have a spare, so I’m going to change it.”

Then I sneak in, in a very girly voice, “though I have never changed a tire before.”

And so Ian came to the rescue.

He changed the tire in less than 20 minutes.  And I pretended to help by holding things that didn’t need to be held.  And of course taking pictures of the experience….

One day, all us residents decided to go on an outing in Spartanburg.  We headed to the best Mexican food in town Tijuana’s (I think that’s the name).  I know it is attached to a gas station, but it has a wonderful salsa bar (the pastor wasn’t great, but the tamales were delicious.   We then proceeded to a thrift store with the weirdest logo ever (sadly I don’t have a picture of it, but it looks like someone shoving someone to the ground or shooting them).  I believe Corinne found a croquet set and said we should all buy it… I was hesitant at first, thinking we would never play it, but I’m glad we bought it because a week later I had the urge to play.

It was the first chilly night in Spartanburg, which got me all excited for the fall season.  And when I say chilly, it was like 60 degrees out.  So I knocked on everyone’s door at 9pm and said, we are playing croquet out in “the shire” (the field next to the warehouse).  I think the big motivating factor was that all the bugs were gone and that we could all put on our winter hats.

I believe this is going to be a weekly event, so if you see some crazies running around the HUB-BUB backyard, it is probably us and if you dare, you can stop and pick up a mallet to hit us with.


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