ART NOW! Week 2!

It’s time for another installment of ART NOW! Stop by the showroom this Tuesday, September 14th from 6-7:30pm for more contemporary art discussion.

with guest panelists:

Sam Harrelson – Physical Science & Robotics Teacher, Spartanburg Day School

Andy McKee – Former Army Captain, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas & Tikrit, Iraq

Dr. Nick Wise – Chiropractor/Cranial Laser Technique Developer Wise Chiropractic/Wise Techniques,

For years in history as technology develops it changed how we make and do things, even in art.  From the invention of the printing press to the computer, the Internet, and digital photography artists have used new and emerging technologies as an art practice. This session will cover how technology impacts arts and culture with topics such as robotics, laser/water jet cutting, digital photography, scanners, video, the internet and all forms of new media.


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