Woodcut End

The Art Mart live woodcut was a success!!  Yeah!  I was able to get 4 prints out that day, though only 3 came out well.  I was surprised to see how many kids were out and excited to see the process.  They danced their little butts off.

It was a long and tiring day for me, but was so happy to be involved in the community.  I am posting some pics of the event and the finished woodcut.

I will warn you that I am super dirty in the pics… ink, dirt, and bruises from the day!   One of the little girls pointed at me and disgustingly said to her mom, “She’s dirty!”   Well, hopefully it inspired some of the kids to get messy and do some projects of their own.  =)


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One response to “Woodcut End

  1. Kathy

    GREAT PRINT !! IT LOOKS AWESOME …. looks like it was worth the time and effort CONGRATS!

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