Workshop Mania!

Wowzas…we’ve got workshops-up-th’-kazoo over here as they say.  The AiRs have some really great things planned so listen up.  You. Should. Attend. These.

ART NOW! with Ron Longsdorf

First off is Ron’s Art Now! art talk series.  Each Tuesday in September he’ll be discussing the state of art in the 21st century.  He’s found three panelists to join him for each discussion to talk about the theme as it relates to their field of interest.  The first talk, which will be Tuesday, September 9th at 6pm in the Showroom, is call Body as Material.  Joining him will be Denise Frazier (Assistant Professor Spanish, Foreign Languages Department, Co-Coordinator of African & American Studies Program, Wofford College), Monica Foster (RYT, Co-Owner, YOGAlicious Yoga Studio), and Christine Cox (LMBT, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, Holographic Health Practioner, Hub City Health Studio).  Free and open to the public.  Be there!

Community Yoga Part II with Corinne Manning

You may have attended some of Corinne’s community yoga I classes in August which helped raised funds and awareness for local non-profits while giving attendees a nice 1 hour practice.  Throughout the fall she’ll be working with the other artists-in-residence on a series of yoga/art workshops which will meet once a month; appropriately called Community Yoga Part II.  The first half of these 2.5 hour workshops will focus on a yoga practice which will evolve into a writing/art practice.  The first workshop will begin with yoga followed by a lyric essay writing exercise.  These workshops are limited to the first 15 folks to sign up.  They are $15 each.  E-mail alix ( for a sign up sheet.

Twenty Days on the Trail/Plein AiR Painting with Kerri Ammirata

Kerri begins a 20 day meditation and painting project on October 1.  Each morning at 9am she’ll go to the Cottonwood Trail to meditate.  After that she’ll spend time painting a rock which will be placed on the trail somewhere…the final installation will be a reflection of the mornings she spent getting to know the area.  Details of how you can join her coming soon!

On October 9th, Kerri will be running a plein air painting workshop on the Cottonwood Trail.  Details coming soon!

Ceramics with Ian Shelley

Details soon!

SOOOOOOOOOO…as you can see…lots of great stuff to participate in.  If you have questions about any of these workshops or want to sign up – please e-mail Alix (


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