I’m in Love

I have been anticipating the opening of the coffee shop since I first moved to Spartanburg.  And now the time is finally here and it is better and more wonderful than I expected.

My first task when I arrived at Spartanburg (other than moving my things into my apartment) was to find a coffee shop.  My requirements being

1 – great coffee

2 –in walking distance

3 –friendly… I didn’t want it to be a place to just grab a cup and run because I can make a pretty awesome cup of coffee in my apartment.  I needed a place that I could make contact with a person and say hello.  Especially since I live alone, sometimes the first person I speak to in a day is the person handing me the cup of coffee.

I do have a confession to make.. I worked at Starbucks for a couple years before graduate school.  I actually loved it.  I know it is a huge corporation and against buying local, but they treated me well and I loved my customers.  I loved knowing their drink, their routine, meeting all their family members, and when I could, sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee with them.  So my expectations of customer service are pretty high.

So my first morning in Spartanburg, back in June, I researched on the internet and found Hub-City coffee on Church Street and headed out.   I found the little shop and walked in.  The girl behind the counter was a bit taken aback by my sister and I and sort of whispered a hello.  There were no seats, barely a menu and I didn’t see any muffins (and after just moving in, I needed a tasty treat).  I realized that this place was a drive-thru and the purpose was just to grab a cup and get to work.  The cup of coffee I got was actually pretty delicious (I think they sell little river coffee, so that was nice), but I got a stale muffin that seemed like it was from Sam’s club and wrapped in saran wrap.  This place was not for me.

(And I’m sorry to hub-city coffee for the bad publicity… the coffee is great, but I want a place to sit and read or have a nice conversation)

Now back to the positive…

I have been to the coffee shop everyday it has been open and have enjoyed each experience!  The design is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the coffee has been delicious.  Each time I have gone, it has been busy, but there is never a long line and there is always a great conversation to be had.

So I thank you Coffee Bar for making my days so much better and giving me a reason to get out of my apartment (put some pants on) and start my day!!


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