Wonders of the warehouse: Wonder #1

Wonder #1: Cassette Tapes

As I often find myself doing, I am scratching around in the warehouse behind Hub-Bub, exploring all the random accouterments. Some times I am looking for some scrap materials to use, some leftover paint, or just randomly exploring.

Among the piles of old projects, furniture, scrap materials, and dead computers I stumbled upon a box of audio cassette tapes. There is something so nostalgic for me about cassette tapes. They came before CDs, and after vinyl and 8-tracks slowly died out. The cassette tape is the perfect medium for music listening in describing growing up in the late 80s and early 90s.

So again, I thought about the nostalgia of growing up, making mix tapes, and even pretending to be a DJ on tape with my sister. Oh the wonders of the analog art medium of sound. If you don’t want to hear that song, well sir, you must fast forward, or if you want to hear that song again, then lady, you gotta rewind.

I also come back to thinking about the uncanny situation of all my fellow residents  being of the exact same era, with us all being the same age. So I have begun my first month of rummaging through the box of wonders in the warehouse to bring you a selection for each of my fellow residents.

For Kerri, I have chosen The Little Mermaid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The content is perfect, we all grew up watching The Little Mermaid, and of course Kerri gave a great rendition of Part of Your World at karaoke night a couple weeks back. My favorite is Under the Sea, man can that lobster sing a catchy tune about living under the sea!!!

For Ian, I selected Charlie Daniels Band’s Million Mile Reflections. It just makes sense to me that a man from Texas needs to be listening to Charlie Daniels Band, even though they are from Wilmington, NC. The album includes the classic The Devil Went Down To Georgia, but I am really loving the song Passing Lane. There will be nothing better than listening to Passing Lane while cruising down the road in Ian’s truck! Note this is an: EPIC STEREO CASSETTE!

For Corinne, I went with James Taylor’s JT. The album opens with the great Your Smiling Face and ranges from the soft sounds of James’ soothing voice to the upbeat almost rocking Honey Don’t Leave L.A. Although born in Boston, Taylor was raised in North Carolina (let’s get him and Charlie Daniels together). I can’t help seeing that dominant album photograph of James looking like too cool for school musician from the beatnik poet groups.

And last but not least, for myself, I have chosen Frampton Comes Alive! from Peter Frampton. This is very nostalgic for me, because i remember listening to Frampton Comes Alive! growing up, in both the form of 8-track and cassette tape. My dad gave me copies of great classic rock all the time. I am sucker for All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side), (I’ll GIve You) Money, and Shine On. And of course nothing beats the album ender Do You Feel Like We Do? when Frampton, rocks out for 14 minutes and makes his guitar “talk” with the aid of vinyl tubing. This is an amazing live album.

My tape deck in my car has been getting well aquatinted with Frampton Comes Alive! for the past several days. As Wayne Campbell said in Wayne’s World 2, “Everybody in the world has Frampton Comes Alive. If you lived in the suburbs you were issued it. It came in the mail with samples of Tide.”

To my other residents enjoy my choices for you, and let’s get in the Buick and fire up that tape deck!


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