New things

I have started a couple different things since being in Spartanburg, one serious, one ridiculous.  It has been a challenge to try and paint lately, so I decided to start sewing again.  I will eventually get back to the canvas, but for now, I need a bit of a break.  Corinne and I are collaborating on a sewn book (the words from her and I’ll construct it).  I think it is going to be really exciting.  I’m still trying to figure out how to get words onto the fabric, so I bought some stamps yesterday and a cross-stitch set, so I can figure out how to sew some letters.  If any one has an awesome sewing machine that makes letters, that would be awesome!!  If not, the book might take a while.  This past year a Louise Bourgeois piece was in a gallery at my school and it was incredible.  It was a sewn book and every page had its own life to it.  After the show was taken down, I still thought about it and to my surprise I ran into it again at the MOMA in NYC in May.  I think it was fate for me to see it again.   I’m hoping my book can be as incredible.

Here are a few examples are hers

The ridiculous thing, not to be of less worth than the book, involves Corinne and Ian.  One night we wanted to relax and watch a tv show together.  We were looking through the netflix instant watch and Ian stumbled across a show.  I explained that we couldn’t start watching it because it’ll consume my life for the next couple months, but regardless of my warnings, he pushed play.

And here we are.  Sucked in.  Confused.  Scared.  And worst of all, addicted.  It has even invaded our dreams.

LOST!  awwwwwwwwwwww


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  1. My favorite part of this post is when you blame me for pushing play…..I don’t seem to remember that at all being how events transpired. You were warned….you were all warned.

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