Air conditioning is ruining me

I have always been a summer person. I can’t wait till it happens and I miss it for most of the year. And in the spring, I become very impatient for those glorious hot days! I think part of the reason I was a landscape painter for so long was because I could combine two things I loved—painting and being in nature. I even bragged to my New England friends about the wonderful hotness the south had to offer. Boy was I not prepared.

I have realized over the past couple weeks, how little I have been going outside. I stay in the Hub-Bub building for most of the day and if I go outside I run to the car and hope the air conditioning kicks on fast. I mean, I always prefer the windows down, but now I despise it.

The big moment of realization was when I was talking to a friend the other day. He is giving a gift to his grandpa soon. His grandpa goes down to Florida for the winter and stays in Indiana for the summer. I asked if his grandpa was in town because obviously he had to be in FL. When he sounded surprised I’d asked, I realized I had turned my brain into thinking it was winter. I act as though it is winter though. I hate going outside and I run to cars or any building I can be in. I went for a bike ride today and realized that it would never be a quick little ride to CVS under this kind of heat. I mean, it might have been my fault since I left at like 3pm on a 100 degree day… but still.

Since I never want to put the blame on myself, especially my laziness, I blame my air conditioning. I haven’t had AC in over 2 years and other than a week here or there, it has been wonderful. Now I can’t live without it. So if anyone is ever doing any outdoor activity, please invite me.. I need to get out of the AC. (And no, this does not include mowing the lawn.. though I might take a dog out for a walk)


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