Our Arranged Marriage

The Arranged Marriage – Part I

July 15, 2010 – Today marks the one month anniversary of our arrival as the four new AiR’s. It is weird to think we have been here that long already, and how interesting it has been and will become. One month ago we all arrived, four new people from four different places, meeting each other for the first time. It is interesting to think about the group of folks at Hub-Bub and the committees selecting four people to come and hang out in Spartanburg. I know the Hub-Bub folks purposely chose candidates they felt were best for the program and Spartanburg. It is also interesting to think about how all four of us, even though selected through an application process, are seemingly randomly thrown together as if it were an arranged marriage.

Knowing that we would have the AIR Entry Show exhibit about one month into our residency, Corinne and Kerri approached Ian and I about collaborating on a group performance at the opening reception. Kerri came up with the great title, The Arranged Marriage, in thinking about we have been placed together. So tonight at the opening reception at 8:30 we will all sit around a 4 foot by 4 foot table constructed by yours truly. We will work on our collective approaches to art making, but with the twist of interacting with one another.

The Arranged Marriage – Part II: The Aftermath

July 16, 2010. Last approximately at 8:43 the first collaboration between all four of us ended. We had worked and interacted together for about 13 minutes. Corinne began by typing on a typewriter. Kerri had a small length of canvas and began painting. Ian had a small box of various items to work with. I had some wood, foam, and screws, and began assembling a small structure with clamps and screws.

During the performance we had a series of cards with our names and various words. Occasionally we drew cards which prompted us to change and alter what we or others were doing. Ian yelled at Corinne. Kerri switched tools with Ian. Corinne’s typing and my drill sounds battled. I drilled Kerri’s canvas to the table as well as Corinne’s text to my structure after she placed it in my area.

Towards the end of the performance, I had switched places with Corinne. I was typing on her computer while, she was using my drill. The whole interaction felt very organic, playful, and fun. We exchanged funny banter, tease one another, and had a great time. All and all, I think we all had a nice little experience, and created something special for the ephemeral time block of 8:30-8:43 last night. I am glad to be in this arranged marriage with Corinne, Kerri, and Ian. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of people to work with. And by no means is the honeymoon over yet.


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One response to “Our Arranged Marriage

  1. kerrihubbub

    love the post! I think the performance went great. I was surprised by how organic it all was.

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