Rides in Cars

What to expect on an errand trip with Ian:

1—you will get a bit turned around (aka lost)

2—you will suddenly want to get fried chicken or ice cream

3—you will be forced to go on more errands than told of prior to the outing
(i.e. on an errand to Home Depot…. That turns into going to Walmart and Habor Freight)

4—you will almost impale or get stabbed by some object at the hardware store

5—you will find yourself wanting to buy brightly colored things and play with toys

6—you will buy more things than you need (well, I guess that might just be what happens to me when I go into a store… but I like to blame Ian)

7—you will find the need to express ideas and emotions, that you should only tell a therapist, that he, in turn, will make you laugh about

8—he will try to set you up with crazy men in the stores

And last but not least
9—you will forget something on your list and will have to go to the same stores again tomorrow

All in all, good times and lots of laughter.



Filed under Artists-in-Residence, Kerri Ammirata (10-11)

2 responses to “Rides in Cars

  1. Alix

    where do i sign up? does he charge?

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