Geographic Vortex

A post on making the perfect peach pie (with Liz Blanchard of Cake Head) is coming soon. It’s actually gonna be a dual post with the Hub Bub blog and the food blog Bon Appetempt. Alix is calling me a two timer. Hub Bub, baby, it don’t mean a thing.

In the mean time, I’ve been getting super inspired by the geography of the area. I was never very good for maps (as referenced in our Greenville adventure). I tend to think of states just being stacked on top of each other in neat little rows. But this, this is just crazy.

How are all these places near each other? My fiction is very affected by place, but often times it is usually affected by just one place at a time. I’m looking forward to see how this kind of landscape can be useful or inspiring. Already I’m writing a story that takes place in NC and a novel that takes in PA. Maybe my next map will bring PA down south. That be okay, Ron?



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2 responses to “Geographic Vortex

  1. Alix

    Is that the map you all used to get to Greenville? No wonder you keep getting lost.

  2. I’m down to my last Budweiser tall.

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