The Adventure Begins

I just moved here to join the AiR’s program from Boston where the grocery store and every other convenience was a short walk away.  If I needed anything out of walking distance, Boston had a, albeit slow, public transportation system.

Being in Spartanburg without a car is a bit different where my walkable “grocery store” would be Hot Spot.  So when Corinne invited me to go to Earth Fare, I jumped at the chance and Ian, Corinne, and I piled into the front seat of Ian’s awesome 1992 truck. I hadn’t left Spartanburg yet, so I had no idea what direction, road, or how long it would take to get to Greenville.

We got on a road and about 30 minutes into the drive, Ian pipes in, “None of this looks familiar.”  So I ask “What road are we on?”  Ian claimed 26, while Corinne confidently said 85.

I decided to look at Ian’s iphone for the “where the hell are we, big brother” app.  We were on 26 in the town of Clinton.  Just so the trip wasn’t totally useless, we grabbed 3 small frosty’s from Wendy’s and decided to take our chances and drive to Earth Fare via 101.  Thankfully, there were no more hiccups on the way and a 20% off all wine at the store.  We put our groceries (and my case of wine) in Ian’s truck and confidently got back on the road.

Well, I have come to find Greenville is only a 20 minute ride (not one and a half hours).  When we hit Spartanburg (on 85) it came up so quickly that none us had thought about what exit to take and no time to consult Big Brother iphone.  All at once, we start shouting out roads to take, trying to recall our little experience with roads near our new home.  We pass off a sign for 85, though we were already on 85, so we decide to jump ship and get on 26.  We’re on it for about a minute, when we have the option for 85 again.  We jump on that and then hit a sign for 26 again.  I thought for a second that Ian was going to get back on it!  I felt like we were in Chevy Chase’s European Vacation going around in circles.

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We made it back to Hub-Bub in one piece, but with a bond only the road can provide.  Our dirty little palmetto secrets.



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5 responses to “The Adventure Begins

  1. Ahhhhhhhh….I remember it like it was yesterday.

  2. corinnehubbub

    This is all going in my “memwah”

  3. ronhubbub


  4. Funny. “No matter where you go, there you are.” — Buckaroo Banzai

  5. Not having a car and living downtown is sometimes a challenge, but there’s a great program called hub-cycle a block or two up from the Showroom at the Preservation Trust building (a block behind the post office) where you can rent a nice bike, chain and helmet, for 6 months for only $15, and when you turn it in they even give you you’re $15 back!
    I’m loving it.

    Looking forward to meeting you all. Have fun!

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