Movin’ in – the play by play

Hello out there.  The 2010/11 AiRs have arrived!  Corinne was the first to get here on Sunday night.  Ron rolled in on Monday morning and the troops went to work unloading cars and trucks and carrying boxes, books, guitars, art supplies, pots and pans, and a didgeridoo upstairs.  Morale was high despite the intense heat of the morning and the unpleasant smell coming from the old grain silo that’s being torn down across the street.  Patrick had stopped in to pick something up from the office earlier; I offered him a piece of delicious Cakehead Bake Shoppe chocolate cake that was in the fridge; and quickly recruited him to help with the move.  Thanks Dr. Whitfill, you are still as helpful as you were 2 years ago.  Sauce was there as well.  What would we do without our volunteers?  Moving was complete by noon and Corinne and Ron were free to get settled.

Ian and Kerri were set to arrive on Tuesday.  Ian rolled in around noon with a pick-up truck full of clothes, tools, QTips, and bullets.  Art bullets that is.  Kerri and her sister Stephanie arrived as we were finishing up with Ian.  It was like an AiR moving-in assembly line by that point.  Ian moved his truck into the reserved for AiR parking spot and Kerri backed the UHaul up for us to work our magic on.  With a little help from Celia’s niece and nephew and Mr. Saucey – the Uhaul was quickly emptied of its contents which are now very nicely arranged in the bright blue apartment upstairs.

This week is move-in week for the AiRs.  They’re getting situated in their apartments, acquainted with Spartanburg, and accustomed to being called “ya’ll”.  We’ve got some social stuff lined up for them too – hopefully not too much to overwhelm but enough so that they don’t get bored.  We’re really excited about the Valdes Solo! opening in the Showroom tomorrow night.  Rumor has it Ellie Pierson will be back in town.  Esteban will be doing some live painting up at the Tap Room around 9pm too.  Friday is the Shane Pruitt cd release show at HUB-BUB.  Shane rocks out and will hopefully bring the house down for these folks.  Looking forward to Jameelah’s return this weekend for a couple weeks.  Kansas is a long way away!  Life is good.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on the Hub Blog….


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