Been a long time….

We’re getting ready for a resurrection of the ol’ HUB-BUB blog. We cleaned the cobwebs off and blew away the dust so we can begin again.

A lot has changed since the last entry. Look at that video featuring the lovely Margaret Ann Mabry. She no longer works with us here in the office and will soon be leaving grad school in San Francisco to study creative writing. The “bookstore” that was once a wall and a single bookcase is currently blooming into a full downtown bookshop in the old Masonic Temple with a new coffee bar and bakery as a neighbor. Katherine Holland now sits at the desk that Margaret Ann sat at and we will soon have a new desk added with our new Executive Director, Celia Cooksey seated at it. We’ve had our fourth group of residents come and go and are preparing for class number five! The area around HUB-BUB and the Showroom has changed with the addition of new businesses and and the beginnings of a new district for downtown. Some of the silos across the street are coming down in preparation for future development.

I’ve had some personal changes too. Look at that photo of me with a goatee, man I need to change that! I won’t go into the other changes but let’s just say that life is not the same.

We promise not to let this blog sit on the shelf this long again. Look for updates soon from me, Alix, Celia and the new AiRs.


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