Save the rain!

Over the past few weeks, some of you may have noticed the sweet new raised garden beds outside Hub-Bub’s back door…well…technically it’s the front door but in the back of the building.  Thanks to donations of lumber, soil, plants and a hose; and the carpentry/planting expertise of our AIRs; we will soon be enjoying fresh spinach and beans (that is if the local pigeons don’t get to it first).  Now one of the beds is located right outside of our back/front door which means that it’s easy to stretch the hose from the spicket across Hub Bub Way to reach the little okra sprouts and squash flowers.  BUT to get to the other bed you have to cross Hub Bub Way, walk  all the way past the warehouse and into the burnt out field behind the warehouse but before the concrete wall (should have known better than to build veggie bed above pile of rock and field of yellow grass with burn markings from 100% direct sun…will do better next time).  Anyway, that’s a long way to walk with a hose.  So what’s the solution?  Rain barrels!  A rain barrel is a big old barrel with a filter on top and a spicket at the bottom.  You put it on the corner of your house (or warehouse) and cut the gutter so that instead of having water pour to the ground to water your driveway, it pours into your rain barrel.  You attach a hose to the spicket at the bottom and voila…fresh rain water on your veggie garden that is 150+ paces away.  The Carolina Garden World is hosting a rain barrel workshop on Saturday July 19th where for just 50 bucks you can get a rain barrel of your own and learn how to set the thing up.  For more info, contact Ned Barret at Upstate Forever.  Thanks Ned for sending a rain barrel our way!


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  1. Be sure to find rain barrels which offer mesh mosquito guards, and also look for barrels which have overflow valves-allowing the excess water to flow out of the rain barrels and away from your foundation. Hooking a drip hose to this valve is a great way to give your garden or flower bed a constant source of moisture.

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