Workin’ Out?

To celebrate the 4th of July in style, the AIRs and I headed up the hill to Saluda, NC for the annual Coon Dog Day Festival.  For those of you who have not been, well shame on you!  It is the best day of the year in my opinion.  First there’s a hillbilly parade (and these are real hillbillies folks…not people dressed up like hillbillies but authentic ones).  The parade lasts about an hour and then the sound of banjos and spoons fills the air.  They have this old band with probably 10 guys up on stage playing the bass, mandolin, banjo, spoons…whatever.  And people are dancing in the streets.  I mean, people are breaking it d.o.w.n.  Sarah was right up there with them by the way.  She had these two little kids running in circles.  We had taken a short lunch break right before the band started and stopped in at the Purple Onion Cafe for sandwiches and beers.  That place is great too.  They get a lot of the same smaller music acts that come to The Showroom.  The afternoon at Coon Dog Day is focused more on the coon dogs themselves.  I’ve been asked many times to define what a coon dog is.  I can’t tell you specifically what one is but I can tell you what it is not.  It is not a hybrid mix of dog and coon.  Coon dogs chase racoons up trees.  They often bark at them.  In fact, there is a coon dog barking competition during coon dog day.  All very exciting.  We (unfortunately) missed all of the coon dog day dog competitions to go swimming in the Greene River.  Afterwards, we spent some time at my brother’s house which is a cultural experience of its own.  That night included sombreros, muscle tees, biking videos and mullet wig.  Good times.  Now we are back in action at Hub-Bub and looking forward to the Asylum Street Spankers on Friday night.  Hope we’ll see you there!


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