Thanks for coming to one, here’s another

We’re all still reeling from the amazing show last week. The artists created an amazing space (see Alix’s post below) but it wouldn’t have been the same at all without the huge turnout from the community. It was really exciting to see such a diverse group of people come to see the show and meet the artists. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I hope everyone had a good time, we sure did.

With the fourth coming up on Friday there’s not alot happening around here this week. A few meetings, working on the fall music line-up, getting info out and together for the next exhibit are all things keeping me busy. I’m looking forward to Thursday though when my bud Andrew Blanchard has his opening at the Guild Gallery at ye ol’ Chapman Cultural Center. Andrew has been working his ass off getting ready for this show spending days and nights in the printroom at Converse. I’m looking forward to seeing everything all together. I’ve heard rumor that there might be some HUB-BUB imagery included. Check out the article about his show, Spartan’scapes, in last week’s Herald Journal and come to the opening, it’s free and goes from 6-8pm. Here’s a little teaser.


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