AIR Entry Show…Weehaw!!

Wow. The artists-in-residence Entry Show Thursday was such a fun night! Thanks to everyone for coming out to show your support. It was a big crowd to celebrate the beginning of another great year for the Hub-Bub AIR Program.

Everyone’s work for the show came together so well. Each installation/video/performance/poem held its own but also worked really well with each other. Jonas’ cardboard collage visually mimicked his video loop and created a calm almost trance-inducing vibe. His work was juxtaposed to Ellie’s pink toothpick balls/vines of kudzu/black paint dripping on plastic silverware/insulation installation. A nice contrast. Sarah’s gingerbread house performance was a hit! For those of you who missed it, Sarah built a sweet gingerbread house with a window, red door and a working doorbell. Unsuspecting visitors would ring the bell; she would show them a plate of gingerbread cookies; signal if they wanted one; and then stomp on the cookie and sweep it out at their feet! Not to worry though…she had baked a batch of delicious gingerbread men that were available to anyone who wanted one. She an Ellie both provided homemade food for the crowd. We’ve got more of Ellie’s homemade pickled eggs in the gallery if anyone wants to come by. Sarah also showed two of her films…one entitled “Washing with Witt” and a sad but humorous performance she did while in Iceland. Hanging from the ceiling all the way to the floor is a sculptural piece of Sarah’s and I would argue that it’s the largest (or at least the tallest) peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the planet. Her shellacked sculpture of brown bread dripping with pb and j complimented Jonas’ cardboard squares spread out on the gallery wall. So…you see…everything worked together really well. Patrick was on stage around 8pm for a poetry reading. If he weren’t so darn funny, the whole house would have been in tears. That man writes some beautiful sad poems.

Thanks again for everybody who came out last night. The crowd was so diverse with kids of all ages…2 months to 80+.


oh…and thanks Sarah for reintroducing Depeche Mode to my itunes.


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