Cardboard. Tape. Puppets!

Have you ever been into the old gym at Wofford College in the middle of June during a heatwave in the South? Its hot. Add a bunch of kids, some crazy artists, a few dedicated professors and some giant cardboard monsters and it gets even hotter. But…that’s what you gotta do if you want to pull together a slew of giant puppets for a puppet parade. Wofford has brought in Beth Nixon, an artist from Philadelphia who has been working with the Boys and Girls Club for the better part of the week to construct an army of outrageous creatures that will be marching up and down Main Street on Friday afternoon. SO – please stop by if you can. The Hub-Bub Artists-in-Residence enjoyed helping out earlier this week and are looking forward to riding their bright orange bikes in the parade. Should be a a fun and festive day.


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One response to “Cardboard. Tape. Puppets!

  1. sara

    the puppets were AMAZING! i loved the drummers too, who were they? the artists looked completely hot riding their bikes in the parades. i heard a lot of people cheering for them =]

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