I hope you’ve had a chance to meet the new Artists-In-Residence. You may have seen them riding around town on their bright orange bicycles. After a little over a week here they have already started making friends around town. HUB-BUB sponsored Justin Townes Earle at the Antibodies Green Party out at the Music Camp Saturday. We had a tent set up next to Joe, Ned, Carrie and the rest of the folks from Hatcher Gardens. The artists kept us entertained with some dancing and general frolicking about. Sarah spent a good chunk of time talking about fermented foods and is considering organizing a workshop, keep an eye out for updates. Sarah is pretty much crazy and I mean that in a good way. She had us up for homemade biscotti Monday and I got to check out her apartment. She’s been a busy girl and her studio is like walking into some kind of crazy dream. Part of the floor is covered with astroturf, there is an illuminated torso hanging from the ceiling and plenty of other oddities including a bouquet of dried seahorses on the table. You’ll get a chance to check it out when we have open studios.

I hope you got a chance to read the article in last week’s Herald Journal. Tim Kimsey came out to shoot some photos and I took advantage of the situation to try out the new Nikon D-80 (sweet). Check out the photos below.

You will have another chance to meet the artists as I have them all working the bar slinging some beer and wine at the Shane Pruitt Band show this Friday night. Come by and listen to some great electric blues and be sure to say hello.


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